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He said what he said how he said I said how he said now I say what how I say.

Please allow me to introduce my master. Master wordsmith, mastermind,masterblaster before there was such ever an ever. Half at least of everything I know about making poetry about making literature about making art about making I learned about I learned I learned at the feet of my master. Well, no. But on foot.
On foot, feet, his feet, my feet, down Euclid Avenue and up Prospect to the Euclid Arcade and back thru to Euclid Avenue and across that great divide to The Old Arcade and the wonderfulled Asphodel Bookshop he leading me speaking me guiding me the way of words of words the words beyond mere word more the depth of words into the inside of ’em and out the other side of ’em across that great divide that I and others had mere begun to imagine might be.  come.

I was writing I was writing good writing it was a day two days of writing good writing I was pleased with it I was thankful for it had been such a long while I had not so I was writing a writing speaking on my writing how I do why I do slow it was good but slow so it was 5am so it was sleepy I took a nap good morning’s good night sleep I woke I sat I…was writing not…
this happens. may be a while maybe. meanwhile…

…similarly I do this when I don’t do that or another.  this is early.  it will change.  thank goodness for that, eh?

pansy pic in process

Hysterical Context From Some Years Ago

old pansy

And of course it would be understood at this point if you imagined I had forgotten where this page began but,of course, no such, no way.  It may someday continue.  May not.  Meanwhile, we really all should know, all the world should get to  know Russell Atkins.

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star space vid thingi

video from space.com.  more amusing in fullscreen.  sorry ’bout the pre-load commercial.


In Dreams II

At it again. The big house on the hill behind the school in a worn denim dress. Warm denim dress. Dressed for success. Dressed in success.
At it again at the fruit stand power supply, you and you and yes, you too. As if ever.
I am reading a newspaper. You are reading a newspaper. I don’t know you. You are dangerous. I don’t know that. I never know that. I don’t care about that. I don’t mind. Ever.
A small round thing of indeterminate experience. A shiny fragment of not yet. Formerly. A mountain cabin in the mountains of course, in the present moment riding. I am riding. I am not.
I am not riding, I am waiting, waiting for the driver to return. She has been gone a long time. Should I drive? Could I explain? Would she ever drive again? If I drive now? I wait, reading your newspaper. I am dangerous.

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In Dreams

I was dreaming. It was a dream. I had. I had been out and just returned. I had been out. I had been out of smokes. I don’t smoke. I did. I had been out of smokes awhile, a long while. While I was out of smokes I had gone out. Out for smokes. Outside. Alone. Had I been alone… Had I been alone in the house? I had not been alone. I had never been alone in the house. I had been alone. Not in the house. Never in the house. In the house I was not alone. Outside now. Outside I was alone. I was alone outside. Outside the house. I had gone out. I had gone out.I had gone out, outside alone, to be alone
Had you been outside… Alone. You had been outside. You had gone inside. You had gone inside in the house. You were not alone. I, alone,was alone. Outside. I was out. I had gone. You had gone.
Of course,it was a dream. It was a dream I alone was dreaming. I was dreaming,alone. I was dreaming alone. Had I ever been alone? Had I ever been out? Was I? Am I out? I don’t smoke. Where will I go? Will I return? Will I return alone?
It is a dream. I am alone. I am out. out and about. what is that about? I had just returned. You were in the house. You alone in the house. But I had returned. You were not alone. I,alone,was with you. We were not alone in the house. I did not bring cigarettes. You don’t smoke. You never did. What will we do? What can you do in a house? What can you do in a dream? What can two do in a dream? Dream house. It is my dream. Is it?

toad from kimnet

toad from kimnet

Some formatting, and other, problems remain.  but sometimes you must just go forward, and fall on your face if need be, else you can never get back up.

Stay Happy!


This Question

she could get in from the outside but
she could not get out from the inside

he could get out from the inside but
he could not get in from the outside

to begin again again becomes a greater challenge the more agains  you add to it and thus becomes in time its own reward

And so, we begin again.